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Lover, Come over...

I have two rates- Traditional GFE and Premier. I love spending time with men from all walks of life in and outside of the bedroom. If you are in London for a business trip, holiday or here all year round lets get acquainted. 

London Independent Escort

Traditional GFE


90 mins
£500 In/ Out


2 Hours

£800 In / Out

3 Hours

£1400 Out Only


4 Hours Dinner
(My Favourite) 

12 Hours



18 Hours



24 Hours - Previous clients only


London Independent Escort

~ Premier ~

The full experience. Pse and more. For Gentlemen that like to work hard but play harder (I see you :) If you are bored of the usual and crave a more carnal encounter I'd love to meet.

1 Hour

£1000 In/ Out

2 Hours

£1800 In/ Out

3 Hours

£2800 Out Only

4 Hours Dinner


Overnight 12- 14 Hours


24 Hours- Previous clients only


Arrangements per month


London Independent Escort

GFE/ Traditional

I love the traditional GFE experience where we can be vanilla, calm, sensual and go slow. If you are looking for relief or a deeper intimate connection its a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.


I provide a luxury space where we can indulge in a relaxed environment. I also love giving hot CBD oil tantric massages using high quality oils (Aesop), sensation toys, massage gun and jade massage tools. Its a perfect way to unwind whilst also getting to know each other under the covers.

London Independent Escort

Animalic/ PSE

If you are adventurous and enjoy a more high octane booking I can satiate that desire. My carnal and erotic experience includes A-levels, rimming, toys, light BDSM, strap on, prostate massage and watersports. A sex toy in Roja perfume and YSL- I love pushing the envelope and exploring different fantasies.


I am in tune with what makes the male body tick and I love teasing, edging, bringing you to the end then gently pulling you back in. Reacting to micro-expressions, recognising nuances and flowing together so that we can have the most carnal experience. 

Dinner and More...

London Independent Escort

I love to be wined and dined and my favourite experience is an evening taster menu or dining out in a private club- slow, indulgent and an opportunity to really take our time over wonderful food. I enjoy all food but my favourite is Mediterranean and fusion.

Dining Areas

Park Lane


West End



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